The Garfagnana
Hermitage of Saint Viviano or Saint Viano (Eremo del Beato Viviano)
m. 900 s.l.m. L' Eremo di San Viviano, La pietra sacra L' Eremo di San Viviano, Panorama, lago di Vagli L' Eremo di San Viviano, Le cave, Valle di Arnetola L' Eremo di San Viviano, Posizione nella roccia L' Eremo di San Viviano, Date in cui visse L' Eremo di San Viviano, Interno dell'Eremo L' Eremo di San Viviano, Valle di Arnetola L' Eremo di San Viviano, Sotto Roccia, passaggio per accedere al giardino L' Eremo di San Viviano, Interno, Statua

Hermitage of Saint Viviano
The hermitage of Saint Viviano or Viano is a charming building dug deep into the rock overlooking the valley of Arnetola place of life and prayer of the hermit Viviano.
The small shrine dedicated to Saint Viviano (or Viano) represents a unique abri-chapel under the rock in the apuan area. Located a short distance from Campocatino, dominates the Pit of the Mont Tambura and the Valley of Arnetola.
Up to this villa in the foot of Pania, overlooking a ravine jumps, there is an oratory which serves roof cave, dedicated to the Blessed Viviano, in which place he lived and did penance.
Some papers about a pastoral visit dating back ti the year 1568 are testified by the exustence of the relics of Saint Viviano. The popular legend of the community of Vagli hands domain of Reggio Emilia.
Hermitage of Saint Viviano
The local religiousness has let the crestion of a faith and veneration on the Saint. The history of Saint Viviano, which has been subject of several studies and cultural researches, created interest and curiosity in the colective imagination. This caused the Saint to be attributed signs connected to a tradition datable the Saint's bones and the following scientific scrutiny on then, confirmed that they belonged to a male, about thirty of age, whose lifetime is presumably datable back to the Middle Ages. In this Holy relate many traditions, we describe some miracles, but no one knows exactly where he lived and what was his life, each story comes from popular news.
The Chapel of San Viviano is an example of spontaneous architecture, built among the crags and cliffs of the Mont Tambura, partially dug into the rock, rare cases of integration between the work of man and nature, interesting example of the sanctuary of Garfagnana.

The legend of St. Viano
The death of St. Viano.
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